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In keeping with the framework of its national role and the accomplishment of its objectives, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research KISR has great interest in contractual projects for national institutions working in the same productive fields that contribute to economic and social development in the country.

KISR takes a qualitative approach to research program output, relying on the development of technological capabilities and steering them towards supporting and assisting national institutions in their endeavors to enhance and develop their work.

KISR has also taken steps that have contributed in defining performance parameters and accomplishment levels, measuring and forecasting client needs and using the outcome of its high level experience and studies in preparing the new strategic program for the new millennium in which scientific and technological development will progress faster than would be expected.

Human, scientific and technical capabilities have allowed KISR to attain distinguished status among research centers on a regional and national level. KISR has also kept a strong cooperative relationship with other national institutions by responding to their research requirements, providing consultation and managing technical projects, of which Kuwait Top Level Domain Name System is one of them.

Top Level Domain System

The domain name system is one of the most important internet systems. It is through this system that domain names are organized and coordinated so that addresses of organizations with sites allocated on internet are not repeated. This system also allows for the organization, storage and exchange of the numbers leading to these sites, in which the IP address denotes the symbol or name of an organization connected to the internet.

Such site organization is conducted through an international communications organization called InterNIC, which is specialized in offering licenses to the organizations responsible for domain management in each country.

Providing Top Level Domain Names on a National Level

KISR has been commissioned by the Ministry of  Communications to undertake the responsibility of establishing, managing and operating Kuwait Top Level Domain Name System in early 1999. KISR has allocated state-of-art equipment and information systems and assigned a number of specialized technical personnel to ensure continuous, effective and uninterrupted services.

KISR produced a system for domain name registration ensuring flexibility and accuracy in its operation. It involves categorizing the registration process according to the organization’s activities. This categorization covers the following fields of activities:

  • Individuals will be given a domain of and

  • Organizations with commercial activities will be given a domain name ending with or

  • Organizations with educational/research activities will be given a domain name ending with

  • Government ministries and authorities will be given a domain name ending with

  • Independent nonprofit organizations and public utilities will be given a domain name ending with

The system will therefore include the following categories: com, net, edu, gov and org.


  • Establishment, management and operation of Kuwait’s Top Level Domain System (.kw).

  • Provision of domain names for organizations and authorities operating in Kuwait.

  • Maintenance and updating of the service providing domain names to beneficiaries.

Services Related to Registration Processes and Domain Name Processing

  • Adding a new domain name, for a period of 2 years.

  • Modifying the details of a domain name.

  • Transferring a domain name to a different holder.

  • Deleting a registered domain name.

  • Renewing a registered domain name, for a period of 2 years.