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A domain name is an addressing method used for identifying and locating websites on the Internet. Domain names provide a system of easy-to-remember Internet addresses, which can be translated by the DNS into the numeric format (IP address) used by the network. A domain name like www.example.***.kw is easier to remember than the IP address The two most common uses are internet addresses where the domain name is prefixed by "www" (for example www.example.***.kw), and email addresses, where the domain name follows the '@' symbol (for example info@example.***.kw).

Kuwait's ccTLD is the name of the Domain and its suffix extended with .kw

A country code Top Level Domain or ccTLDs are specific to individual countries around the world. Some examples of ccTLDs are '.kw' for Kuwait, and '.uk' for the United Kingdoms. A list of ccTLDs can be found at A generic Top Level Domain (gTLD) is a top level domain name that is open to Registrants around the world. Domain names that end in .com,.net and .org are all gTLDs. If an internet address ends with .kw, it indicates that the entity is registered in Kuwait and a part of the .kw domain space, which is regulated by the Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority (CITRA).

As an individual, business, organization or academic institute in Kuwait, it is a symbol of patriotism that shows your entity is a Kuwaiti entity. Also the .kw ccTLD has an abdundancy of choices that one may choose from.

The Registry holds the database of domain names and operates the computers that make domain names visible on the internet. The Registry does not have direct contact with Registrants. Registrars issue domain name licenses to Registrants. They decide whether or not your domain name application meets the policy rules. Registrars have direct access to the Registry so that they can process new registrations and renewals, as well as update Registrant contact details in the database. Registrars in the .kw domain are accredited by Communication and Information Technology Regulatory Authority.

To get your own domain name up and running, you will need to: Register your domain name through a CITRA accredited Registrar: 

(1) On our website you can search for the Domain name you would have and if it is available it will proceed, if not you will get some suggestions which would be available.

(2) Choose one of our Accredited Registrars to save your new Domain.

(3) Proceeding with the common practice (online) within a few days your Domain will be released. Any follow ups will be with the Accredited Registrar that you choose.

Yes, you can register a domain name and then delegate your domain name to a specific hosting provider.

First, you have to choose your preferred Accredited Registrar, then proceed with the procedures given. You may find the Accredited Registrars on:

Available Sub-Domains today:

(1) - Which represents "Commercial".

(2) - Which represents "Network".

(3) - Which represents a Non-Profit "Organization".

(4) - Which represents an "Educational" Institute.

(5) - Which represents a "Government" Entity.

(6) - Which represents an "Individual".

Today this is not available but will be addressed on its availability on a future date.

You can check the status of an existing Domain name, and find out whether a name is available for registration, by using the public WHOIS Service

The list is a series of names which are reserved for the Kuwaiti Government as it is or might be utilized. The Censored names are names which are vulgar and indecent.

You can choose your Accredited Regsitrar through our website and through the Accredited Registrar you can transfer your Domain from one Accredited Registrar to another by applying for a transfer to your respective Accredited Registrar.

.kw Domain Names must follow ICANN Standards:

- Have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 63 characters

- Use English character set and may contain letters (a-z), numbers (0-9) and dashes (-) or a combination of these.

- Neither begin nor end with a dash

- Not containing a dash in the third or fourth positions (www.ex-

- No space included.

You can Register a Domain Name for a minimum of One year and a maximum of Two years.

A Domain Name cost is 15 Kuwaiti Dinars per year.